Long Beach Creamery (LBC) is an ice cream dream in the making. In June 2013, my good friend and neighbor Sasha (who runs FarmLot 59) invited me to a dinner where she served a homemade peanut ice cream. When I asked her how she made it, she showed me her Kitchen Aid freezer attachment. The exact same attachment that I had sitting in a box in my garage. I thought, “Game on, I’m going to try this out”.

I started searching the net for cool recipes and found WeAllScream.net where Lily draws out creative recipes. UPS visited the house tossing new ice cream cookbooks through my front gate. Everywhere I food shopped and everything I tasted – I started plotting how that could be an ice cream. And it has not stopped. I passed the obsession on to the ice cream Tasters who came to our Tasting & Kickstarters events from August 2013 to April 2014.

At a tasting someone (who shall remain nameless) even called the Long Beach Creamery ice cream “ice cream crack”. I love that, but I probably shouldn’t put it on the label or anything. Melissa and I, (Melissa is my wonderful friend who you might have met at the Tastings – the greatest Ice Cream Ambassador out there) had seen Tasters negotiate over the last pint or cup of their favorite flavor. During one tasting, in my backyard, we pledged out of ice cream in 40 minutes and had 150 people wanting more. That’s when the plan to become legit started and I sold my condo downtown to open our shop at 4141 Long Beach Blvd. The Tasters and Kickstarters helped build our shop every pint, cup and pop pledge was put back into the business to build for the future.

Making ice cream is food chemistry. You have to watch the water and sugar content closely so it does not ice up. Some ice cream used to terrify me to make. I’m talking about you, Burnt Caramel. That baby pops and steams at you so much it can give you nightmares. Now it calms me down watching that sugar liquify and turn into decadent caramel. Ice Cream is saving my creative soul and I am so thankful to have that spark flaring again. The best place for updates on flavors and our business will be our facebook page or instagram @longbeachcreamery. If you like ice cream, come on over to our shops in Long Beach and have a taste!

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  1. Kim sanchez

    Hi! I have just opened my dream- a bakery in the east village of Long Beach- I would love to carry your ice cream- u may not be ready for that yet? I would at least like to be able to get a couple of flavors to make ice cream sandwich cookies with- I’m not super busy yet as my soft open was two weeks ago and the grand opening on sept 19- no advertising for me until then- tho our word of mouth/ yelp and FB all great– was super excited to learn about you!! The shop that was here before me made ice cream- I just can’t take that on and my goal is to also be offering awesome local retail products – a bakery and specialty retail- let me know if any of this is possible!!! I think the local community really had to support each other – my make is Kim – the shop is called The Village Bakery- we are on FB no website yet- at 401 3rd st and my cell 678-447-2047 or bakery- 562-628-2253. Look forward to chatting w you

    • dinaamadril

      Most definitely Kim! I love this idea and like you want to support local enterprises. I had your place on my list of local shops to visit to find out if there was something there – a cool muffin, cake, a signature item for Village that I could put into an ice cream.

      • DW Ferrell

        It’s great to read about the connection you and Kim made here!

        My kids really loved the tasting last week at Sasha’s farm… and I didn’t know that she helped spark your drive to create great flavors. Awesome! 🙂

  2. enfuso

    Hi Kim:
    I noticed that you paired the enFuso pomegranate balsamic vinegar with one of your ice creams in a kick starter. I would like to donate a few bottles for you to try on some of your ice creams … hopefully you will be successful enough to purchase some one day :-). You can email me at anne@enfuso.com if you are interested. I have some suggestions of a few great ones to start with.
    Anne Yee

  3. Veronica Cobian

    Hi! My name is Veronica and I work for Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle. We are looking to have an ice cream social at our office. How can I get in touch with you?

  4. Miho

    Hi! I’m graduating this summer from college and saw your amazing project! I was wondering if you had any job opportunities. I would love to talk to you about your company.

  5. Allison

    Hello! I’m the manager at Makai Coffee, and we are interested in using some delicious, locally made ice cream to serve in our affogatos. Please email me at info@makaicoffee.com and let’s talk! (if this sounds like something you’d be interested in!) Thanks, Allison

  6. Clara Swanson

    Best. Ice cream. EVER. I thought I knew what good ice cream was, but boy was I wrong when I had my first taste of LB Creamery. This ice cream is decadently smooth, and the flavors are very well thought out. I love being able to taste something new when I come in to the shop. LB creamery is a gem and we are so lucky to have it here in BK.

    PS. Bring Back Love Potion 49

  7. lbcoastalcatalyst

    Hello Dina Coastal Catalyst is sending out a survey to the Long Beach businesses and Innerpreneurs like you this week. We want to highlight the power of local. May I send you the survey so we get your valued opinion? Just need your email address. Thank you so much! Cyndy Fowler
    PS We met at the Food event sponsored by Primal Alchemy in Feb.

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