Evolution of LB Crack

First introduced in March of 2017, our LB Crack flavor was named after a Christmas Crack cookie recipe that we adapted. We added the “LB” to create the LBC acronym, matching our company name and the city we love.

First introduction of LB Crack

It felt like a fated name to me when you put all those elements together. Back in 2017, I really didn’t account for the history of the word “crack” in reference to drug usage and addiction. As we scooped the flavor to customers that year, the double entendre of the name was evident. The majority of customers had fun with the name, but a few brought up issues that triggered them. We would address each incident as it happened, and explain the Christmas Crack cookie that’s in the ice cream.

Signature Flavor

In February of 2019, LB Crack became such a popular flavor that we put it in our Signature Flavor line up. A month before the Signature Ceremony we polled our followers on Facebook and Instagram about the LB Crack name – asking if it caused any offense or triggered anyone. The response was an overwhelming no, chill out, it’s fun – with a small sprinkle of opposition. We went forward with the Signature Ceremony and the name LB Crack.

Today, we want to be fully in sync with the business we want to become. The name LB Crack needs to evolve to better represent how we want to support our community.

Saltine Dream

The most unique part of this flavor is the cracker toffee that we make out of saltine crackers, butter, sugar and chocolate. Cooking these ingredients together makes a cracker toffee that ice cream lovers really enjoy. We decided to focus on this for the new name – Saltine Dream (suggested by Isom Harris, Shift Leader at our Downtown Shop).

With the new name decided, we turn to you to help us decide on the label representation for Saltine Dream. Kate Maleki, our label designer, has presented two options for you to vote on.

Please reply with which label style you would like to see on your pints of Saltine Dream – A or B. We will review all the feedback and announce which label style will be printed on July 4.

It will take a few weeks for us to make the complete change to the new name, so you will still see pints labeled LB Crack for a bit until the voting is over and we can get new labels printed.

Thanks for your patience with us as we evolve our most popular ice cream flavor. The ingredients will not change – Saltine Dream will still be made with organic vanilla ice cream, chunks of cracker toffee, and swirls of fudge sauce.

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