Whiskey Vanilla

Established June 2015

Whiskey Vanilla

Whiskey has been drifting though my life since I was a little girl. I remember falling asleep listening to my Aunts and Uncles playing cards the clink of ice singing in their glasses and their laughter and joy surrounded my dreams.

At the table someone would start the story of my Grandfather Amadril, who at one point of his amazing life was a Whiskey Salesman. His love for Canadian Club whiskey was pure and even those who thought there was much better whiskey out there to drink – they wouldn’t tell Grandpa, you kept those thoughts to yourself.

Paying my way through college as a bartender I served a lot of Canadian Club and learned about many other brands – no where near the choices we have today. I don’t know if it was because Billy Idol was big on my radio – but I fell for the simple flavor of Rebel Yell Whiskey.

When I first started playing with ice cream flavors in 2013 – I remembered the ladies who would come into the bar and ask for Cognac and Cream. My Grandpa would have a little milk in his whiskey to settle the stomach. These memories started me thinking about whiskey in ice cream, and I tried a bunch of brands even Grandpa’s love Canadian Club. Some tasted great, some revolting – and then I spotted a bottle of Rebel Yell Whiskey at Trader Joes and Billy Idol went off in my head, “she cried more, more, more”

I took that home and spun up my little ice cream maker and WOW – the flavor was just right. Its light flavor pairs with the cream accentuating each other. When other Whiskeys fought for dominance in the cream, Rebel Yell just chilled and revealed something amazing.

WHISKEY VANILLA Ingredients: organic cream, organic nonfat milk, organic cane sugar, organic egg yolk, organic sweet cream buttermilk, Cream Cheese, Rebel Yell Whiskey, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt.

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