Burnt Caramel

Established September 2013

Burnt Caramel

Caramel ice cream is to ice cream shops as salsa is to Mexican Restaurants. It’s what those who really love ice cream judge you on. For me, if your salsa is bland or watery – I am not even excited to taste the rest. And it’s that way for those foodies who are into ice cream – if your caramel flavor is crap that’s it – expectations plummet.

So we have worked hard and tested many iterations to get this flavor right. Ours is not a sweet sappy caramel – its bold and its burnt. You are either down with the flavor immediately – eyes closing in joy. Or we see that face over the tasting stick – the “what did you just give me” face. Luckily we don’t see that face very often most people fall for Burnt Caramel hard.

Dry burning the caramel used to give me little panic attacks. I screwed it up so often, sacrificed many pots, got bad steam burns when adding cream – my PTSD with this flavor almost got me until the rhythm showed up.

After so many burn attempts the knowing came – what the smoke was telling me, the color change, the texture, what mistakes could be forgiven. This was a challenging opponent with a rewarding outcome and now dry burning caramel is meditation. I watch the sugar morph and it whispers of our past struggles, how we overcame and how we are now the best of friends.

BURNT CARAMEL – Ingredients: organic cream, organic nonfat milk, organic cane sugar, organic egg yolk, organic sweet cream buttermilk, Succanat, Demerara sugar, cream cheese, butter, Himalayan pink salt.

One thought on “Burnt Caramel

  1. Krisie Babcock

    This was Izzy’s first ice cream taste ever. She was immediately in love with all ice creams. Maybe you’ve turned her into a foodie with your magical burnt caramel. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s pretty amazing.

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