National Ice Cream Day July 17, 2016

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Long Beach Creamery. We will have a full compliment of our unique flavors, root beer & nitro cold brew floats and fresh baked waffle bowls.

Trying out a few different things today in honor of National Ice Cream Day:

Chocolate Cone Bowls – fresh baked like our vanilla cone bowls – these will have Callebaut cocoa inside for a rich chocolate flavor.

Cold Izze Soda –¬†Peach, Cherry Lime and Grapefruit $3 a bottle. Have it as a float with 2 large scoops of ice cream for $7.

Ice Cream Cakes – several pre-made ice cream cakes will be available for purchase in the pint freezer.

FREE Toppings all day long – while supplies last!

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