Scoop Reformulation 2/3/16

As we pass the 8 month mark in business -we now have good statistics and financials that I have been diving deep on to see how we are doing as a business. We have served 39,218 scoops and 6141 pints have left the pint freezer. Our expenses have been high with 12 employees working the shop and the highest quality ingredients being purchased daily. We have made a few choices to be sustainable and not waste water on dipper wells – that add to our expenses while they reduce our impact on the environment. Long Beach Creamery is close but not yet breaking even each month – so we are restructuring our scoop offerings so we can continue to serve quality organic ice cream well into the future. Our introductory pricing on scoops will be adjusted on February 3, 2016 to the following:

Scoop Size Offeriings 2/3/16
New Scoop Sizes  2/3/16

When we first opened I forecasted that business would run pretty much like our tastings had. Ice Cream lovers would come in and taste ice creams and then purchase the pints of their choice. I did not anticipate the high demand for scoops, relaxing at the shop and enjoying the Creamery experience. That experience resulted in many more employees than I planned for and higher overhead – all good problems to have as a new business – but the financial result was a steady loss of capital each month.

The scoop reformulation addresses two things: 1. the capital loss – so we are on the road to being profitable and 2. the complaint that scoop sizes are too small. Our mini scoop size will be phased out for a larger size scoop. We still want to offer you the option to select multiple flavors – and you can do that at every scoop size except Kids size. On average each reformulated scoop size is 1-2 oz bigger than before. So our prices and sizes have been adjusted.

Comparing our reformulated pricing with our artisan ice cream competition we are right on par with their market prices and sizes:

FullSizeRender (1)
Scoop pricing from other artisan ice cream makers

Even with all this research and supportive documentation behind the scoop reformulation decision – I know this change will disappoint some Ice Cream Lovers, and my stomach has knotted up worrying about that. In the end, I have to make the most financially sound decision for Long Beach Creamery so we can serve you locally made organic ice cream, you can be proud to call your own, well into the future.

I am asking that you please stick by us and support the Creamery as we learn what it takes to run this business successfully. If we can get the formula right for the 4141 Long Beach Blvd shop – then we have the opportunity to consider new shops in other locations of Long Beach. That’s the big dream – to have several shops so you can walk or bike to your local Long Beach Creamery and enjoy handcrafted ice cream delights!

Thank you so much – Dina, Your Ice Cream Maker

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  1. julie baker

    i don’t care how much you charge just don’t run out of burnt caramel and black ring coffee!!!!! please do what you can to stay in business, yours is the very best and it’s worth it to us to pay a little more. thank you!!!!!

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