I’ve been a Bad Bad blogger

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Follow us on facebook or instagram

I have been the worst at updating the website with flavors and information – but I update our facebook and instagram on a daily basis. It is so easy to do from my phone.

By the time I get home from the shop – putting together a blog post usually loses out to eating something and getting some sleep.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve been a Bad Bad blogger

  1. Hector M. Valenzuela

    Yesterday I just happened to be driving by and saw that there were some people inside the store on Long Beach Blvd and decided to stop by and get some ice cream for the office. I walked to the door and I tried to open it but it was locked. The people that were sitting at the table about 2-feet from the door looked up and then looked away smiling, one of the girls chuckling. I tried to signal but they did not want to look up and just ignore me, then I notice that they were wearing the stores t-shirts and realized that these were employees of Long Beach Creamery!! I walked away a little upset that they did not even attempt to be courteous. I have tried your ice cream one time because one of our vendors brought it to the office and we really liked it, however your employees leave much to be desired.

    • dinaamadril

      I’m so sorry that you had this experience with us yesterday. Tuesday’s are our super sanitizing and ice cream producing days and you caught us at our lunch break. The smiling/chuckling at the table was not in regards to yourself – but related to other conversations that were happening. But I can understand that it would appear that way – and I apologize for that. We definitely have trouble with Tuesday’s – and the expectation that since we are in there we are open. I’m debating curtains or some other signage but in the meantime we let you down as I am sure we have let others down who come to the door on Tuesday. I’m glad that you enjoyed the ice cream when you tried it and hope you give our ice cream another chance.

  2. Hector M. Valenzuela

    I understand, however when a person comes up to your door, someone should have the courtesy of at least say we are closed today or comeback tomorrow and not avoid eye contact and just ignore the person. I work at a local law office and that would be considered, not only unprofessional but rude. I hope this helps in correcting this behavior in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Good Ice Cream though!!!

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