Ice Cream Going Dark


The ice cream will be going dark for a bit while we work on our production kitchen. On Monday, the CDFA Inspector is going to take a look at a kitchen we are hoping to rent for the dairy “clean room”. Between that visit and some discussions with LB Planning and Health Dept – we want to start the permitting and inspections process in a few weeks. I will still be testing some recipes and sharing pictures in order to finalize recipes and labeling for the pints. If this kitchen works – it will be the fastest and most inexpensive way to get LBC licensed. But we will not have a storefront in the traditional sense – in this scenario. I am considering a ice cream/delivery truck so we can start the Ice Cream of The Month service and tweet locations for pint pickups. Feel free to comment with any ideas or concerns.

5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Going Dark

  1. Denise

    Please contact me when your commercial kitchen is up and running. I am a manager for Vons and we have a local products initiative and I may be able to help you get your foot in the door. Denise

  2. Ben Hearst

    If you need a kitchen to rent for production check out The Hood in Costa Mesa rentable kitchen space and really nice. I know dairy is hard with permits etc but I know they do a lot there. Good luck

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