Too Legit To Quit

It’s time for Long Beach Creamery to make our production legit. We have been tasting and kickstarting for a few months. Testing the market to make sure the production investments would make sense. I’m working on the business plan now – numbers first and things are looking good. We will need to kickstart some more capital – or have a bank fall in love with us. But building the dairy “clean room” I have talked about before looks less daunting.

I still question the idea of going traditional retail. There are more creative ways to sell – that will keep our event atmosphere at the tastings flowing.

One of the first questions we always field at a tasting is, “Where’s your store?” – The store could be anywhere – at a tasting, a ice cream ATM, food truck – Amazon drone delivery 😉

Right now we can offer – Home Tasting Parties  (email me if you want to know more –

Once we become “too legit to quit” – Long Beach Creamery will start exciting the taste buds of all the wonderful people of Long Beach.

Thanks for your support.

Dina at Long Beach Creamery

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