First Piece of Serious Equipment

It’s here! The Emery Thompson batch freezer that will take the place of all the little Cuisinarts and Kitchen Aid freezer bowls.


I spent a lot of time researching the best batch freezer to buy for the type of ice cream I am making. The Made in the USA Emery Thompson came out top on the list. I even looked into buying used (can’t find a Emery Thompson used – no one parts with these babies) but this piece of equipment is so crucial to the process I wanted to make sure we had the best.


I could not make the $$ commitment to this ice cream dream without your support. Sure a few of my credit cards are really screaming now – but the excitement those coming to the Tasting & Kickstarters have shown tells me we may have something here 😉


My Dad came down from Palm Springs to help me with the machine. I think he is more excited about it than I am and that is awesome to share.


Tomorrow, Power Up Electric will set up the machine and install the 220 plugs that it needs to run. Tomorrow night and Friday, I am going to be spinning up all kinds of wonderful ice cream.


I will post some pictures of the machine in action once it is all hooked up.



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