All the Little Spinners

My cadre of ice cream spinners has grown – from my Dad’s old Kitchen Aid Mixer – to 5 large and small Cuisinarts and multiple bowls to fit each. Tonight I used all the frozen bowls to spin up 10 quarts of Burnt Caramel and 4 quarts of Plum sorbet.


14 quarts is the maximum production that can be done in a day. After these bowls are used they need to be refrozen for 24 hours before they can be used again.


I brought the 24 hour time period down a few hours by leaving the chest freezer on maximum chill (about 10 below 0). I hope to share with you some great news at the end of this coming week that will increase production and consistency of the Long Beach Creamery ice cream.


Thanks for all your support. The Long Beach Creamery Tasters have given me the confidence to keep this ice cream dream going . I have so many flavor combinations rummaging around in my head – I can’t wait to see what you think when you taste them!

One thought on “All the Little Spinners

  1. Christina

    Great job!!!!! So happy for you!!!!! Your ice cream is so divine! I can’t wait to taste the sweet potato with toasted homemade marshmallows!!!

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