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  1. Dan Pressburg

    Hey There,
    Dan Pressburg here.. This Saturday which is your tasting date, 12 October. The Long Beach Dairy and Creamery Historic Landmark is helping to sponsor a BBQ for the Grant Neighborhood Association. We would love to feature some of you hand made Ice cream. Maybe a gallon of Vanilla and a Gallon of Chocolate… We are expecting about 35- 50 people. We periodically have community events throughout the year, from BBQ’s and weddings to the “One and Only Candidate Brunch” that features local and statewide candidates that are running for office. I am the former President of the North Long Beach Business Association also. We believe (my family) believe in supporting local neighborhood businesses and as our events progress, this could allow you another venue not quite in Cal Heights but locally. Another event will be the North Long Beach Christmas Party December 1st at 3:00 pm to we don’t know this would also be another small venue but fun and we would love to have you… We would be humbled and delighted for in associating with you. I am hoping to meet you at the Wilmore Meeting in November.
    The Long Beach Dairy and Creamery has been a landmark since 1994. The Home was built in 1903 and is the oldest and first Historic Residence in North Long Beach (other than Rancho Los Cerritos). So, if you would like to join us Saturday at 3:00 pm…167 E. South Street, Long Beach, 90805 562-428-7710…PS let me know the cost of the Vanilla and Chocolate.

    • dinaamadril

      Hello Dan!

      Thanks so much for contacting me. I was so excited when I found out about the Long Beach Dairy & Creamery history. I have seen some pictures of your house online and would love to see it in person.

      Unfortunately I won’t be able to accommodate the 10/12 event. I am at full capacity (all freezers full and all ice cream spinners working overtime) trying to prepare for the 10/12 tasting and a few other event commitments. I’m still a one person operation out of my home kitchen. I will put the December 1 event on my calendar – as we get closer we can plan what type of flavors you would like to have there.

      I will be at the Wilmore meeting in November with some pints for sampling. I really look forward to meeting you – and like you mentioned – I will also be humbled and delighted to work with you. I hope to make Long Beach Creamery a business everyone from Long Beach can be proud of – and showcase our diverse cultures, ideas and landmarks through handcrafted ice cream.

      Thanks again!

      Dina at Long Beach Creamery

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