Straus Ice Cream Base

After spending some time talking to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Dairy division, and learning all the requirements to start up an official ice cream manufacturing plant, I started researching pasteurized ice cream bases. I have been making my own ice cream bases using Clover Stornetta or Organic Valley products – and making a “Philly” style ice cream with no eggs.

I had wanted to start working with Straus products because of their sustainable practices, methane digester use, and pasture fed cattle. Clover and Organic Valley farmers have pasture fed and organic meal fed cows – but I did not see methane digester use in practice.

Here’s what I learned. Even if I use pasteurized products to make my “Philly” style base I would have to pasteurize the final base product before use in a dairy production room. The cost of the equipment to pasteurize product will run 50K plus easy.

The alternative is to build a dairy production room (still about 50K) and work with a pasteurized base – like the Straus Ice Cream Base below. For ice cream manufacturing you have to work with the dairy in a separate room from anything else. All mixing, freezing, packing etc has to be done in that room only.20131001-195042.jpg

So I found this Straus base – which uses eggs – and creates a custard style ice cream. A little creamier than Philly style. I am adjusting some recipes and mixing up pints for 10/12 tasting using this base. It almost feels like cheating – but the ice cream still tastes like heaven.


Nothing shabby about these ingredients. All organic and non gmo.



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  1. Autumn

    Thank you so much for this blog. I’m in SLC and wanting to start up my own ice cream shop as well, and I was trying to find an idea for a base when I stumbled upon this article. I wasn’t sure what to do and you gave me the direction I needed! Thanks!

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