Golden Prosecco Sorbetto

Golden Dewlicious melons from Fisher Ranch in Blythe, CA.


Puree up all the melon.


Glorious sage from Farm Lot 59.


Puree the sage with a little melon then whisk in. We also mixed in a simple sugar syrup.


After cooling overnight, we added the whole bottle of Prosecco – leaving none left over for a taste – bummer.


Puree one more time before it goes in the spinner.


The pinted up sorbetto. A sweet refreshing taste – the melon comes through first – then a small kick of sage.



The finished goods: Golden Prosecco


One thought on “Golden Prosecco Sorbetto

  1. Henry E Riehl

    Glolden Honeydew vs. Grfeen Honeydew…take the Golden every time, it will out-flavor the traditional green honeydew 99-1. Put the odds of perfection in your favor. Leave it on your windowsill to sweeten for a few days before enjoying.

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