Chanterelle Mushroom Ice Cream

My first attempt at a savory ice cream flavor. I will be bringing this to the tasting on 9/14 at Farm Lot 59 at 10 am. If we like it, I can make more for the next visit in pints. It started off with these two flavors pairing together. But this cheese is super potent so only a very small piece steeped in the ice cream with the mushrooms.


The Chanterelle mushrooms and a grade A madagascar vanilla bean steeping in the cream – oh yeah with that very small piece of cheese 😉



After the steeping we add a little cream cheese and mascarpone cheese and then blend it up with an immersion blender.


Here it is after blending. Little pieces of mushrooms throughout – the mushroom flavor was just enhanced a hundred fold. Now to cool it down so we can spin it up tonight.




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