Coffee with Lord Windsor Roasters

In my search for local products to make into ice cream here is a true winner. Lord Windsor Roasters is passionate about great coffee. I even got a bit of a scolding when I asked if they could grind my beans – “You need to invest in a coffee grinder for the freshest coffee”. When I told them I was using it for ice cream that changed things 😉 – “Oh Ok – bring me a pint ;)”


I picked this variety because of the crazy name. Figuring if I can’t pronounce it – then it must be awesome or have a great story behind it.


Steeping 1/4 cup in the cooked cream for 5 minutes.


After straining through cheesecloth we still have small bits of grinds. I’m not going to stress about those. They will probably make the ice cream taste even better.


Wow this looks delicious. Tasting the remnants at the bottom of the freezer bowl, it tastes great too. The light roasted coffee from Lord Windsor Roasters has a delicate start that blossoms on the tongue.



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