Here we go – loop de loop

Chocolate and Salty Caramel
Chocolate and Salty Caramel

Long Beach Creamery (LBC) is an ice cream dream in the making.

Right now, I am crafting small batch recipes in my vintage kitchen in Wrigley. Using my Dad’s old Kitchen Aid mixer and a newly purchased turquoise Cuisinart ice cream maker I am up nights making new flavors.

The best place for updates on flavors and tastings will be our facebook page or instagram @longbeachcreamery. If you like ice cream, come on over and like us. We are keeping LBC on the down-low until the dream gets closer to coming true.

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    • dinaamadril

      Farm Lot 59 is located at 2714 California Ave 90807. The best cross street is Willow. Sherman Williams store is on the South corner of California and Willow. You want to go North on California from Willow (away from Sherman Williams) The farm stand is on the right about 100 feet up.

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