Tasting is FREE

Tasting is FREE!

Long Beach Creamery handcrafts ice cream delights. We focus on using local, organic ingredients to create our signature flavors of ice cream. Our ice cream helps to tell the story of Long Beach and its growing food culture.

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

We close on Monday to make ice cream and super clean the shop.

Call the shop: 562-513-3493

  • Brian A. Avatar

    5 star rating   Delicious ice cream. Love the waffle cones that are fresh each day. Recently had the new chocolate noir ice cream with the waffle cone bowl and I instantly regretted not... read more

    Brian A. 2/19/2018
    Mayra C. Avatar

    5 star rating   No matter what you end up choosing, you'll alwAys find yourself thinking this was the best ice cream flavor you ever had! I bought some pint coins to give away... read more

    Mayra C. 2/19/2018
  • Lica M. Avatar

    5 star rating   The best ice cream place in LA!

    If you like ice cream, this is a must go place. The service is always awesome and the flavors are insane good. I... read more

    Lica M. 2/17/2018
    WJ C. Avatar

    5 star rating   One of the best customer service and tasty ice cream we ever had in LA area. Definitely recommend!!!

    WJ C. 2/17/2018
  • Ren M. Avatar

    5 star rating   Wow! This ice cream place was a such a great find. I thought this place was amazing. After looking at all the flavors I couldn't decide and tried almost every... read more

    Ren M. 2/11/2018
    Sergio Hernandez Avatar

    5 star rating   Good customer service. I enjoyed the pistachio ice cream!

    Sergio Hernandez 2/08/2018
  • lillian smith Avatar

    5 star rating   Went here for the first time and thought it was a really good place.

    lillian smith 2/08/2018
    Niki T. Avatar

    5 star rating   Dina works her magic with locally sourced and organic ingredients, producing the most wonderful flavors.  Forget commercially produced ice cream that leaves a filmy residue in your mouth.  This ice... read more

    Niki T. 2/07/2018
  • Ashley C. Avatar

    5 star rating   Long Beach Creamery never disappoints me! The staff there is carefully hand-picked, and one of my favorite workers is Cassidy. She always has a smile on her face, and she... read more

    Ashley C. 2/05/2018
    Ashlee B. Avatar

    5 star rating   So good!! They give free samples! Everything locally made. A little pricey, but it's soothingly creamy

    Ashlee B. 2/04/2018

Leather Tramp wrote a folk jingle inspired by our ice cream.
Have a listen as they tell the story of Long Beach Creamery.