Tasting is FREE

Tasting is FREE!

Long Beach Creamery handcrafts ice cream delights. We focus on using local, organic ingredients to create our signature flavors of ice cream. Our ice cream helps to tell the story of Long Beach and its growing food culture.

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

We close on Monday to make ice cream and super clean the shop.

Call the shop: 562-513-3493

  • Theresa Armbrust-Bush Avatar

    4 star rating   Great, unusual ice cream. Pricey though.

    Theresa Armbrust-Bush 1/16/2018
    Dominic F. Avatar

    5 star rating   I LOVE this place! I work a few blocks away  and try to make it at least once a week. The cashew fennel chip is my favorite. Not a likely... read more

    Dominic F. 1/07/2018
  • Gregg T. Avatar

    4 star rating   Great customer service and I love the fact their ingredients are organic! They make their ice cream in house. I had the Lb crunch and mud pie. Nothing really special... read more

    Gregg T. 1/07/2018
    Shaun F. Avatar

    5 star rating   This is a great local ice cream shop! I live close by and since moving to the area I frequent this spot. Every ice cream is made locally and unique!... read more

    Shaun F. 1/06/2018
  • Vanessa F. Avatar

    5 star rating   Amazing service and the ice cream is delicious. The employees are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable,I will definitely be returning.

    Vanessa F. 12/27/2017
    Mrs. E. Avatar

    5 star rating   I MUST stay away from this place!! Key lime ice cream with a whole pie mixed in from
    Pie bar, homemade waffle
    Bowls, scone ice cream, burnt caramel, pistachio with candied pistachio... read more

    Mrs. E. 12/19/2017
  • G B. Avatar

    4 star rating   Extremely professional. We were actually encouraged to taste every flavor which is awesome! The young lady explained about each one as we tasted it. I could not decide which was... read more

    G B. 12/18/2017
    Karen G. Avatar

    4 star rating   Great customer service, the young lady who helped us out was friendly and helpful
    The ice cream is full of flavor and tastes fresh
    Parking lot is pretty small , the... read more

    Karen G. 12/13/2017
  • Ila V. Avatar

    5 star rating   Hands down my favorite Ice cream spot, I didn't know how amazing Ice cream could be until I came here! Love how all the workers are always friendly and helpful... read more

    Ila V. 12/13/2017
    Paula R. Avatar

    4 star rating   The flavors were great. The salted pecans added an amazing twist. Will definitely go again.

    Paula R. 12/01/2017

Leather Tramp wrote a folk jingle inspired by our ice cream.
Have a listen as they tell the story of Long Beach Creamery.