Pint Parade

Handcrafted Ice Cream Delights

Long Beach Creamery handcrafts ice cream delights. We focus on using local, organic ingredients to create our signature flavors of ice cream. Our ice cream helps to tell the story of Long Beach and its growing food culture.

The flavors in this weekends (4/3-4/5) Pint Parade are:
  • Whiskey Vanilla
  • Burnt Caramel
  • Black Ring Coffee
  • Cashew Fennel Chip
  • Midnight Oolong (chocolate)
  • LB Crack
  • Cyclone Racer
  • Reverse Turtle (available Friday afternoon)
  • Buttercake
  • Mudpie (available Friday afternoon)
  • Snack Foods (new limited edition flavor)
  • Lemon Bar (available Saturday afternoon)
  • Go Bananas
  • Apple Filling
  • Mexican Vanilla
  • Sweet Corn Guava
  • Huskaberry Finn
  • Blood Orange Mimosa (vegan)
  • Chocolate Sorbet (vegan)
  • Banana Chip Sorbet (vegan)
  • Keep LBC Fit (vegan)

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