Tasting is FREE

Tasting is FREE!

Long Beach Creamery handcrafts ice cream delights. We focus on using local, organic ingredients to create our signature flavors of ice cream. Our ice cream helps to tell the story of Long Beach and its growing food culture.

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

We close on Monday to make ice cream and super clean the shop.

Call the shop: 562-513-3493

  • David S. Avatar

    4 star rating   This place has some good ice cream. The one I enjoyed the most was the Mexican Vanilla flavor. However, I had to buy it in a pint because that's how... read more

    David S. 4/19/2018
    prasanna kumar Avatar

    5 star rating   Unique ice cream flavors .... never had a taste across cities I travelled .... they are unique in their business .... I love their whiskey vanilla and honey lavender

    prasanna kumar 4/16/2018
  • Cassandra P. Avatar

    5 star rating   Yum!! This was one great experience. Never been here before and decided to try it because we heard wonderful things about it. I got the peanut butter oatmeal cookie ice... read more

    Cassandra P. 4/15/2018
    S.n. K. Avatar

    5 star rating   Really good vegan options. The flavors are actually creamy and don't just taste like ice. Would definitely come here again!

    S.n. K. 4/14/2018
  • Pau M. Avatar

    4 star rating   The ice cream is excellent, the installation is clean and the customer service is great. Felt overwhelmed with the black board with the flavors but they noticed and helped me... read more

    Pau M. 4/14/2018
    Nicole B. Avatar

    5 star rating   Delicious. I went with the special cookies and nibs and the cyclone racer. OMG YUM!  It looks like an unassuming place but trust me it's a must try. The variety... read more

    Nicole B. 4/12/2018
  • Jacqueline N. Avatar

    4 star rating   This hole in the wall place is amazing! Their variety of ice cream is to die for! It has unique flavors that you wouldn't find anywhere else and they are... read more

    Jacqueline N. 4/10/2018
    Orland U. Avatar

    5 star rating   The best! Great flavors that change every week and they're all amazing. Don't be afraid of the flavors with cheese they're some of the best. Also be sure to try... read more

    Orland U. 4/09/2018
  • Adell T. Avatar

    5 star rating   Long Beach creamery has become my go to spot for ice cream. The flavor combinations they create are absolutely crazy. I just tried there blueberry doughnut...and it's to die for.... read more

    Adell T. 4/08/2018
    Jeanelle K. Avatar

    5 star rating   Seriously one of the best ice cream locations i've ever been to, cute little mom and pop and bow with their new
    Location in downtown long beach.
    You MUST come in... read more

    Jeanelle K. 4/08/2018

Leather Tramp wrote a folk jingle inspired by our ice cream.
Have a listen as they tell the story of Long Beach Creamery.